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Welcome to our donation page dedicated to shedding light on the truth about the incidents at the southwest border. Join us in uncovering the untold stories that demand our urgent attention. Led by the relentless efforts of Jaeson Jones and his team, our mission is to reveal the stark realities of human trafficking, human smuggling, drug trafficking, and other menacing crimes plaguing families and communities throughout the USA. Jaeson Jones created the initiative to designate the Mexican Cartels as foreign terrorist organizations (FTO’s) in the United States to obtain new authorities and be able to utilize tools of national power With each passing day, countless lives are shattered, dreams are extinguished, and families are torn apart by the merciless grasp of these criminal activities.

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Through the power of real-life stories, we aim to evoke empathy, inspire action, and ignite a nationwide movement against these threats to our society. Your donation, no matter the size, will serve as a beacon of hope for those whose voices have been silenced by the darkness of these crimes.

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