Border Security

Border security is a top issue in every country. It’s important to know who comes in and out of your borders especially those from a country with a terrorism nexus known as special interest aliens (SIA’s). This information is vital to ensure focus by all agencies to the priorities for the safety of your citizens. Border security is crucial to national security, and I’ve taken it upon myself to share my border security knowledge and experience through keynote speaking. Read more here.

Crime Security / Precision Policing model

Mexican Cartels

 The growth of the Mexican Cartels has been underestimated not only by the United States but other governments around the world.   In the past decade, they have expanded globally with Sinaloa Cartel, one of the largest Mexican Cartels, reaching fifty-four countries. The Mexican Cartels have taken on the Government of Mexico’s military leveraging military grade weapons like vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIED), surface to air missiles, light anti-tank weapons, shoulder-fired missiles, and many other types of weaponry.
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Human Trafficking

 Human trafficking is a major issue that the United States and countries around the world face every day. During my years stationed on the border and commanding the Border Security Operations Center, provided me with a unique insight into this horrendous violation of human rights. I’ve learned the signs and the environments conducive to human trafficking, and it’s my mission to educate the masses. As a keynote speaker, I want my audience to understand that human trafficking is preventable. Sex trafficking should not be an issue modern society must address, but sadly, it is a battle we must continue fighting. Read more here.