Human Trafficking
Human trafficking is a major issue that the United States and countries around the world face every day. During my years stationed on the border and commanding the Border Security Operations Center, provided me with a unique insight into this horrendous violation of human rights. I’ve learned the signs and the environments conducive to human trafficking, and it’s my mission to educate the masses. As a keynote speaker, I want my audience to understand that human trafficking is preventable. Sex trafficking should not be an issue modern society must address, but sadly, it is a battle we must continue fighting.

My years of working on the southern border introduced me to the ugly world of sex trafficking. However, it also made me an expert in the field of prevention and spotting the signs of this human degradation. I share this knowledge during my speeches and offer myself up as a resource to educate those who are not familiar with the signs of this terrible act. The horror stories are out there, but my lectures are always directed towards prevention. Human trafficking does not have to be a scary crime statistic. With the right training and proper education, human trafficking can be eradicated.

During my time monitoring the border between the United States and Mexico, I learned the motives behind human trafficking. If people understand why sex trafficking happens, solutions and policies can come into effect. This isn’t an issue isolated in faraway countries. It happens in our own backyard. Don’t be a victim. Instead, advocate for them and become part of the solution. Please contact me if you would like me to be a keynote speaker to educate people on the signs and potential solutions for human trafficking.